Foreign Investment in Iran

Foreign Investment in Iran

Consultation on all financial/economic or legal matters in Iran

Iran as a country with huge natural resources such as oil, gas and minerals has always been a focus of attention for potential investors particularly due to growing demand for foreign products and technology. Among the most attractive aspects of investment in Iran we can point to low labor and energy cost, tax incentives for foreign investors in specific sectors, strategic location in the Middle East, substantial and well developed technical and industrial infrastructure and a reliable legal and judiciary system. These are some of the attractions which has prompted many companies to express interest in participating in the Iranian economy. Those companies who have already done so are now reaping the benefits of their wise choice.
Who can invest in Iran? In what sectors are foreign investors allowed to participate? Can foreign companies open a branch/office in Iran? Are investment in oil and gas industry by foreign entities permitted in Iran? These are some of the questions that at Gorji Law Firm are able to provide to our clients.
Services provided:
  • Assistance in setting up international  joint venture contracts
  • Assistance in acquiring business premises, company registration and legal permits to operate in Iran or Germany
  • Drafting of international trade/commercial agreement
  • Official Farsi translation and completion of documents for submission to governmental bodies
Wise investments are based on proper planning and familiarity with the local rules and regulations governing foreign investments in Iran. Our expert team of lawyers with their extensive knowledge and experience in the field of investments are able to provide prospective clients with the most professional and personalized services right from the start and through the various stages until its successful completion.

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