Iran Desk

Iran Desk
We have a vision beyond territorial boundaries.
Our Iran Desk with its full insight of commercial laws aims to provide consultative services to Iranian companies willing to invest in Germany, particularly in assisting them to all aspects of company registration, and arbitration with German contractors. In addition, we help foreign investors in establishing business in Iran. Our lawyers with their expertise in a whole range of legal and taxation laws in Iran are proud to be your trust-worthy partner. We have a thorough understanding of how the legal system in Iran works and know about the business culture of Iranian people and that’s the secret to our success.
Services provided by us:
  • Establishing business in Germany
  • Supporting foreign investors in their business operation in Iran
  • Preparation of business contracts
  • Consultation on issues regarding land and property laws
  • Setting up joint venture
  • registration of company in Germany
  • Preparation of international sales agreement
  • Assistance in completion of official forms and documentations in Farsi which are required by governmental authorities as regulatory procedures.
For a successful investment it is essential to plan properly right at the start and to have a thorough knowledge of the complex legal rules and regulations governing any particular region. Our lawyers with their valuable knowledge will always be by your side to support you every step of the way for your investment in Germany or Iran.
Our Iranian-German law firm provides its services in English, German and Farsi both at our office in Hamburg or in Tehran.
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